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Fee & Payment Policy

A registration fee and security deposit of  $50.00 is to be paid when you register your child. This is a non-refundable registration fee. A registration fee is due ANNUALLY eash July. A security deposit equal to 1 week tuition is due by July15th for the fall enrollment. If the child does not attend the center the deposit is forfeited. This deposit will guarantee the child a space in the center.This security deposit may also be applied to any distruction purposfully and willfully caused by you or your child. Red Sneakers reserves the right to dis-enroll a family at any time.

Parents must give as much notice as possible about any reduction in the child's schedule. In additon, Red Sneakers cannot guarantee that once a child's schedule changes from full time to part time, a full time schedule may not be available in the future.

For current rates please speak to one of the staff members regarding this. Preschool fees are not paid during school vacations and snow closings as stated on page 3 of your contract. Preschools does pay for staff paid holidays! Preschool dismissal is at 11:30 am.

Fees are prepaid weekly, by check, and left in the envelope by the logbook. Your check is your receipt. If your employer reimburses you please leave your voucher, with the appropriate information filled in, with your check and it will be signed by the director and returned to you. Payment is due every Friday by 5:30 for the up coming week.

All payments after this time will be considered late and must include the appropriate late fee. Because of our small size we operate on a tight budget and must enforce all late fees.

Late payment fee: We charge $20.00 if paid on the following Monday, and $5.00 everyday after that.

Late pickup fees: We charge $2 for every minute after 5:30. We set this fee to discourage late pick ups. This fee must cover the overtime wage for two employees. This fee will be waived in a real crisis.


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